Have you ever wondered how the world could watch and do nothing?

Husam Farajallah, a university student, was at the hospital collecting the body of his relative. He called what happened in Gaza a “black day” in the lives of all Palestinians, and wondered how the world could watch and do nothing.

Oh my brothers and sisters. Please don’t act like nothing has happened. More than 200 palestinians have died on the recent massacre. 700 more were badly injured. The statement by the university student that I quoted from ezzuddin al-qassam website should have an impact on ourselves. How ignorant we are, if we are still to sit in front of our computer and do something that only relaxes our own mind (entertainment). How ignorant we are, if we are still to spend our time on things that brings nothing to save the condition of our muslim brothers and sisters in palestine.

Act! Do something! Don’t lose hope!

Here’s what we can do:

  1. improve your own self. avoid unnecessary things that we (used to) do. All our time, if we don’t use it to do amal saaleh, recommend one another to truth and patience (Al-‘Asr), then we are in a state of loss.
  2. do daawah. it is a responsibility of every single muslim. not just “ulama” and scholars.
  3. provide financial support. There are heaps of channel to do this. Human Appeal International, Aman Palestin and more.
  4. raise the awareness. wait. what for? you write on your blog about the terrorist act of zionist, and then someone else read about it, and then he started to write something similar in his blog, and on and on. this in fact, is really important. the people who complaint are usually those who did nothing but complaint. Allah will not change the state of people, unless they change what is within themselves. fix what is within the heart,  you will fix the human owning it.
  5. boycott zionist product. enough said.

Nahnu Qaumun Amaliyyun! (we are people who act — in a practical way)