Being realistic

Just read the title line, and honestly do tell me what comes into your mind?

What is realistic?

2+2 = 4        :is this realistic?
A=B, B=C      :A=C?

in this world we have something that is called Sunnatullah.

Whoever strives for something, then he will get it…

…by Allah’s will.

How do we judge something is really-really important. ONLY judge with Allah’s “grading system” alright?

A+ doesn’t go to someone with a very handsome look + a very ugly manner.

and yes, you are not failing if your skin are not white + your manner is a beauty.

When you work on something, and you earn good results, it is the best for you to ONLY take that victory as something that Allah has given upon you. It is not something that is truly yours. It is from Allah. We just borrowed the victory, and definitely something has to be done immediately (yakni syukur with tongues, actions, and hearts).

Let us look at another situation:

The Battle of Badr:

ring any bell? 300+ mukmin with asSabr (patience), against 1000+ musyrikin. how do we judge that if it’s happening to us today?

“are you out of your mind?I’m not going to be able to pass this subject! It’s too hard man. I have missed so many lectures, (busy completing assignments+lectures are not so interesting) and there are so many things to catch up. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!”

and yet Subhanallah, Allah give the victory to those that he Want to.

wa tarzuqu man tashaa’ : And You give wealth and sustenance to whom You will.

Say (O Muhammad SAW): “O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things. (Ali-Imran:26)

The Battle of Yarmuk: Muslims numbered some 40,000, whilst the Romans 200,000
Results: It was this important battle that saw the decline of the Roman Empire

The Battle of Hunayn: i knew you guys are seeing this one coming.

Sesungguhnya Allah telah menolong kamu (hai para mukminin) di medan peperangan yang banyak, dan (ingatlah) peperangan Hunain, yaitu diwaktu kamu menjadi congkak karena banyaknya jumlah (mu), maka jumlah yang banyak itu tidak memberi manfaat kepadamu sedikitpun, dan bumi yang luas itu telah terasa sempit olehmu, kemudian kamu lari kebelakang dengan bercerai-berai. (At-Taubah:25)

Muslims: 12000
Musyrikin: 4000

and yet it is not like what we usually expect.

“hehe. looks like everythings good. studied 12 hours today. so this week ive got about 84 hours of study. I AM NOT GOING TO FAIL TOMORROW’S EXAM.”

It is very important that we put our trust in Allah, and believe that He is the only Provider.

Last but not least, I present you this hadith, that should open up our mind towards the word “realistic”:

“Jika Kiamat datang, sementara di tangan salah seorang diantaramu ada sebuah biji Kurma, lalu ia mempunyai kesempatan untuk menanamnya sebelum Kiamat terjadi, maka hendaklah ia tanamkan, karena dengan demikian ia akan mendapatkan pahala.”

(Hadits ini ditakhrij oleh Ali bin Abdil ‘Aziz dalam al-Muntakhab dengan isnad yang hasan dari Anas ra;. Lihat juga Kitab ‘umdatul qari’ fi syarhin shahihil Bukhari oleh Syaikh Badaruddin al ‘Aini, bab al-Hartsu waz Zira’ah)

There you have it. This is a paradigm that can only be seen by a muslim. Don’t get caught by our human judgment.

Just Do It — and Tawakkal 🙂