Project Management Tools

yes. pm tools. i’ve tried netoffice and dotproject during my uni days. all these online tools are only useful if people are hardworking enough — yes, i just said hardworking enough — to log in and UPDATE the tasks. i’ve found out that the best tools for this is still Gmail+pen+paper. no hassle at all.

nevertheless here’s a list for online pm tools if you guys are interested. can use it for any sorts of project based work. it’s not sorted in preferences btw. just search them in my google reader subscriptions list. i am actually looking for a different thing. something to track inventories. not too complex. just a simple one. yeah excel maybe the answer.

  1. Zoho Project
  2. Co-op
  3. Task2Gather
  4. Tempo
  5. LiquidPlanner
  6. Project2Manage
  7. TaskBlaze (this is a little bit different)
  8. Basecamp (this is not free i think, but its one of the most popular)

I haven’t tried any of them yet. don’t think have the time to do so. just gathered the list, who knows you guys might need it more than i do.