the chicken and egg

in order to get a job, you need a visa
in order to get a visa, you need work experience i.e. job

to get the first job, most of them say we need experience people only
to get the experience yes of course we need a job

my friend’s dad told me once about the importance of being one-mindedness. whenever you decide something, please stick to it and don’t easily give up. i thought about it, and added that this can be applied if that something is a right thing to do and the judgement that you made for it is base on the correct source (quran and sunnah).

it’s not about whether the chicken or the egg that comes out first. it’s about what you do to get either one of them as a start. get the chicken and you will have the egg. get the egg, and there you have the chicken. if you think too much, without doing anything, you won’t go anywhere. and then people start asking me how can you get either one of them?

Here’s the answer: pray, think, pray, plan, pray, execute, and pray

notice that i didn’t include any complaints, relax, being lazy and et cetera as part of the answer.

most of the time, things seems so difficult, and you can hardly see the solution. but subhanallah, Allah is always there with His blessings. just keep praying bro. Allah is just a prayer away.