The art of persuasion is something that we all should need to master. most people (no citation here just based on observation) usually end up being on the extreme side. either they are too dictating, or end up being too happy-go-lucky if you know what i mean.

you want to ask this guy, hey let’s go  with me there’s a very exciting event tomorrow. how do you really ask him/her? one answer to most of the question i have ever encountered in this world is this: It Depends.

yeah it really depends. i know there are some people out there that just doesn’t like to be “watch” and “stalked” all the time (well who does?) sorry. let me rephrase. i know there are some people out there that just doesn’t like to be bossed around, and just hate people busy-bodying around him. Note: the term “bossed-around” and “busy-bodying around” are just a matter of perspective and perception. (i will elaborate this in the footnote).

to handle this type of people, you need to apply to them a skilled and not-so-frequent touch of magic (not sihir, just a figure of speech). it’s like you pass him by,and walla, there it goes, the message is delivered. do not be too direct. not too scheme (i’m trying to say “jangan jadi skema sangat”). usually this habit or characteristic are found inside a teenager. about the age of 15-17. but yeah although he’s 21 it’s somehow still there. it can hardly work if you go with the usual way of “hey would you like to go here and here”, you will keep getting a “i’ll think about that” or “tengok la nanti”. it’s just not cool to follow your order. get what i’m trying to say?

but when we encounter too much of this people, and suddenly when we meet the other extreme, we will find it very hard to tune up our mind. these people really want you to ask about him/her. but not to stalk them. just show that you care. anyhow this is still just my personal opinion. it may be right it may be wrong (just another version of “it-depends”). and for the second type of people. please do reduce the “its-up-to-you-lah” attitude when delivering him a message. do not be afraid from being caught as a “busy-body”, because they kind of like it i guess.

Footnote: it’s not busy body or even bossy when you are awake, and people are still sleeping in a house burning with flame and fire, when you put an effort to wake them up. as i said earlier, it’s just a matter of perception. things that you do may be seen  differently. So just try to reduce this perception, so that his decision about waking up from sleep wouldnt be affected, or at least minimised. i’m not saying that you should wake them up in a harsh way. i’m saying that the problem that concerned me more is people are minimising their effort to wake people up because of their own perception about other people’s perception.

this enry, like other entries, are dedicated especially for me and if applicable, to you dear readers as well.

selamat hari raya 🙂